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On the west coast of Namibia, you will find our craft distillery tucked away in the small harbor town of Walvisbay. Located in the arid Kuiseb river delta and surrounded by the colossal dunes of the vast and desolate Namib Desert. Scorching desert sand meets the frigid waters of the treacherous Atlantic Ocean to form a safe haven we call home.

Our Craft distillery produces premium, handcraft spirts in small batches and create one small batch at a time. With a passion for quality and craft integrity, we take the finest ingredients and transform them into the ultimate spirits. Focusing on quality over quantity. Every part of the process is done right here at the distillery in Walvisbay from fermenting to bottling, proudly Namibian.

Desolate Namibian Gin was launched in March 2018 with our Classic 7 Gin paving the way into the hearts of Namibians and visitors alike. We have since launched our Devils Claw Oak Rested (July 2018) and Crystal Clear (September 2018) gins, both from the local Devils Claw root, one being rested in French oak barrels to give it an unprecedented smoothness. We launched our Marula gin in October 2019, from local Namibian Marula hand harvested in the north of Namibia.

Our small team does all the work by hand, taking hand crafted to a new level. Our gins are made by one distiller, each drop being done by Andries (van Schalkwyk) the owner, himself. Our small team hand bottle, hand label and hand pack each bottle of craft product leaving the copper and coal distillery floor.

In August 2020, we launched our Forsaken range. This range includes a loyalty card and a Copper Craft Club, supporting local businesses including other liquor craft products in Namibia. This box brings a craft box filled with not only Copper and Coal Distillery products every second month, but also other local handcrafted Namibian products.

On Friday the 11th September, we launched our Arid Vodka. The first Namibian made Vodka. Fermented, distilled, and bottled at our craft distillery in Walvis Bay. Arid, a single grain Namibian Vodka. Double distilled and full bodied, a vodka hand cut to perfection. Each bottle filled and hand numbered in true craft spirit. Small batch distilled in a custom-built column still. This is a true distillers’ cut, bringing out the smoothness and purity in this true Namibian Arid Vodka.

We have worked on the Arid Vodka concept for a long time with product integrity and quality being of utmost importance. We are extremely proud of our truly Namibian Vodka, Arid. 

Exceeding all expectations, we launched our Arid Kalahari infused spirit early 2021. A triple distilled spirt gently infused with a combination of Namibian Kalahari Melon seeds, lemon peel and blue pea flowers. Each bottle filled and hand numbered in true craft fashion. The Kalahari melon seeds give the spirt its main flavor profile perfectly complemented by the lemon peel and blue pea flowers. The wonderful color of the spirt is extracted from blue pea flowers.

We are thrilled for more still coming in 2021 and beyond. With big dreams becoming a reality over the past 4 years, we are excited about the next few to come.


With our passion for the industry, we offer more than just products. A dedicated personal service to enhance your distillery experience and the world of not only Namibian Spirits but craft Namibian products. Giving you an opportunity to share it with friends, family, and business partners.

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Proudly International Award Winning from the Copper and Coal Distillery Floor.

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